About Us

The Danish Chamber of Commerce (DCC) provides a forum for all business which relates to Denmark, or Danish related companies. Thus the focus is on the relations with Denmark and is not specific to the nationalities of individuals. DCC’s objective is to identify, examine and discuss matters of common interest affecting economic, industrial and commercial issues and objectives as well as health and educational matters.
The scope of activities embraces the interest in the Greater Pearl River Delta in line with the policies of Hong Kong SAR and the desires of the PRC for Hong Kong to play a leading role in commercial activities in this vast and intensive concentration of industrial production and development.
DCC has corporate and individual members representing a small, medium and large business in Hong Kong. We strive to offer an excellent networking platform for the Danish community in Hong Kong.
Furthermore, DCC is actively part of the International Chambers of Commerce forum to broaden the network opportunities across countries and industries for our members.