2023 December Newsletter

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Greetings from the Chairman
Greetings from the Chairman
Merry Christmas, everyone!
It took a couple of days to get over our annual Christmas Party. So good to see everyone. Thankyou for coming and contributing to a great night.
Unfortunately, the venue is already booked for next year - so we are now looking for another venue. If you know a great place, please reach out.

I always take the last month of December to reflect on the year that has passed. And what a year it has been. We were finally free again from all COVID restrictions, putting everyone in fast-track mode. Catching up with customers and networking overseas, in addition to getting the business back on track, has been tough - but it seems everyone is getting used to the pace again. If one good thing came out of the 3-year covid hiatus, it was that we had a lot of support for our events - with many competing schedules now available, we hope that our community will continue to support our networking and social events in 2024. We will share the calendar in the next newsletter, so get your 2024 calendars ready.

Thank you for your support in 2023, see you in 2024.


December | Christmas Party
December | Christmas Party
Saturday evening, December 2, the Annual Christmas Party took place. All the tickets were sold, so more than 75 festive people gathered.
From our feedback, everybody had a great time and enjoyed the Danish Christmas food & beverages, Christmas songs, games, live music, and Lucky Draw.

Thanks to all the sponsors who generously donated many nice presents to use for the Lucky Draw, dice, and almond games.

A special thanks to the 2 Gold sponsors, Brookfield and Alvarez & Marsal, and Silver sponsor Jebsen. Without their financial support, we would not be able to arrange such a great Christmas Party.

If you have any pictures from the event, please Whatsapp Anita (60100588), and we will save them in the Christmas Party Picture Folder.
November | After Work Cocktails
November | After Work Cocktails
At Wednesday November 8. we hosted an After Work Cocktail at DiVino Patio in Wanchai, which is a nice place for delicious food and drinks. It was very nice to see some new faces joining our event and the Danish community.
In 2024 we plan to organize After Work Cocktail or other social gathering one time per month. Hope to see more members and friends of the Danish community. We will post info about these events on DCC website, our Facebook site and in the monthly Newsletters.
Members Update
Members Update
Thanks to all the new members that have joined DCC during 2nd half of 2023:

  • Steffen Bach Clausen
  • Jens H. Nielsen
  • Lasse Reinhold
  • Mads Bornstein
  • Joanne Wong
  • Ottar Omarsson
  • Sylvia Cen
  • Nicolaj Jensen
  • Anders Haagen

Current DCC members should have received a reminder about renewing their DCC membership for 2024.
We hope you all will continue your membership and support of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

If you know someone who is new to Hong Kong and should join our community, please share our Members Page on the DCC Website.
Breaking News: Udlandsdanskere, der vender hjem, skal nemmere kunne få familien med til Danmark
Breaking News: Udlandsdanskere, der vender hjem, skal nemmere kunne få familien med til Danmark
I en nyhedsupdate fra Udlændinge- og Integrationsministeriet den 30. November skriver IUM folgende:

"Regeringen vil indføre ny ordning, så udlandsdanskere, der f.eks. tilbydes en højtlønnet stilling i Danmark, får bedre mulighed for at tage deres familie med til landet. Samtidig vil regeringen justere sprogkravet"

Se artikel i link nedenfor.

The article is not available in English.
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Responses will be delayed | Office Closed till January 2, 2024
Responses will be delayed | Office Closed till January 2, 2024


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