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Greetings from the Chairman
Greetings from the Chairman
Hello 2024 - hello, 365 days to make a difference for something or someone.
I embark on that mission every morning: making a difference. It is very fulfilling to contemplate on a day when something or someone was impacted positively by your initiative. It doesn't have to be a major effort - maybe just reaching out to someone you have not spoken to for a long time, leaving a note for your better half or colleague, or organizing next week's work better. I write it down - and make a pick every day. I recommend you to do the same.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce is one of those things where volunteering my time and effort gives great satisfaction. Knowing that we continue a proud tradition, create new connections, networks, and great memories. The Christmas Party in December is one of those memorable moments that I will think back on with a smile for many years to come.

Without our members, there would not be a Chamber, so I hope we will see continued support from our community this year: existing and new. On January 15th. the board of directors will assemble again and sign the budget for the activity plan for 2024.

Wishing all our members good health and energy to make a difference in 2024.


Board of Directors 2024 - Update (**)
Board of Directors 2024 - Update (**)
As we enter a new year, here is the board of directors working to provide our members with memorable business and social events.

Anita Vogel, AV (Chairman)
Poul Kristensen, PK (Vice Chair)
Martin Raffli, MR (Treasurer) Online
Thomas Andersen, TA (Secretary)
Kenneth Petersen, KP
Peter Reumert, PR
Henrik Sternberg, HS
Poul Sondergaard, PS
Steen Olsen, SO (Office Manager)
Frank Jensen, FJ
Christian Lynaes, CL
Dennis Hansen, DH
Jakob Laustsen, JL (**)
Soren Bindesboll, SB (Danish Consulate)
Monique Hansen, MH (Young Professional)
Steen Olsen, SO (Office Manager)

(**) Jakob has asked to be replaced for personal reasons, and we are thankful that Mrs. Aasa Candussi Wilkins (Phoenix Wills) has volunteered to join the board. We thank Jakob for his 3 years on the board and look forward to welcoming Aasa to the next board meeting on January 15th.
Membership Danish Chamber of Commerce
Membership Danish Chamber of Commerce
We hope you will renew your membership of the Danish Chamber of Commerce if it has expired by the end of 2023.
If you or your company currently aren't a member, we hope you will consider becoming a member to support the Danish Chamber of Commerce and the Danish business community in Hong Kong.
You can read more about membership types and register here.
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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark abdicates
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark abdicates
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark abdicates on January 14. after 52 years as the Queen of Denmark and leave the throne to H.K.H. Crown Prince Frederik.
We are trying to organize an event there people from the Danish community in Hong Kong can gather and watch this historical event together. We will be back with more info asap.
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
We will soon be back with news about our coming events in the first half of 2024.
Meanwhile, do not miss the interesting webinar from DCBF (Danish Chinese Business Forum).
  • January 24. Political, Economic & Commercial Update on China.
  • Register HERE.


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