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This month is no exception - read below: a message from our Chairman, the story of DCC as we celebrate 25 years anniversary, corona news and upcoming events. 
Greetings from the Chairman!
Greetings from the Chairman!
It has been SO GOOD to see you!

With the vaccines rolling out we decided it was safe to pick up where we left it pre-Covid and June has offered MANY opportunities to get to know each other and rebuild our network.

June was a busy and proud month for the Danes: celebrating Thomas Vinterberg's win of an Oscar for the movie 'Druk', following the National Danish Football team at the UEFA2020 cup and setting to sea with four junks celebrating Sankt Hans. Thanks to everyone who joined! We had a great time.

On the professional agenda we have met with our peers from the other national chambers. The main topic on the agenda is the need for Hong Kong to liberalize travel so that businesses here are not left out and left behind when our colleagues start to travel to corporate meetings outside Hong Kong.

Lastly a big shout out to the DCC board of directors who are all volunteering their time for the greater good of our community. Thank you for your time and commitment.

We will continue to facilitate both professional events as well as social, so keep an eye on our website: or even better - become a member! The more the merrier and the more activities we can arrange for our Danish business community and friends.

In July we will continue to follow the UEFA2020 cup and hope to see our national team in the finals. There are still 10 seats left for the game against Czech Republic on Saturday. Details below. The capacity at 'Danish Room' is max. 40 and only vaccinated attendees can register.

If you are not already following us in Social Media, this is an open invitation to click on these links and do so.

Have a great summer!
25 years anniversary - Danish Chamber of Commerce
25 years anniversary - Danish Chamber of Commerce
This year DCC is celebrating 25 years of anniversary and we think that is pretty special.

We are very happy and proud to share with you the milestones that we have been able to find in the achieves. Click the link and learn about:

We hope to celebrate this milestone later this year, so if you are a member keep an eye out for that event.

If you have some great memories to share feel free to upload pictures and memories to our Facebook Site or send them to
EURO2020 - Denmark-Czech Republic
EURO2020 - Denmark-Czech Republic


Jul 3 & 4, 2021 (GMT+8)


DANISH ROOM v/Mariners' Club
New Territories, Hong Kong SAR (C...
Travelling to Denmark - check
Travelling to Denmark - check
If you are travelling to Denmark or via Denmark, please visit for the latest updates.
DCC recommends: KIOSKEN
DCC recommends: KIOSKEN
The Danish Seamen's Church has an online kiosk - so if you are homesick and miss food from Denmark or maybe just curious to taste food from Denmark - look no further. The kiosk has is all - all from ryebread mix to licorice.

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