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Thank you for joining the 'After work drinks with DCC'. It was a long-awaited but great evening, and it was wonderful to meet so many in person. Stay tuned for more and initiatives and events in the near future.
DCC Board of Directors
It has been a busy month, and DCC is pleased to announce the election of the new DCC Team. We would like to offer a warm welcome to the new Office Bearers and committee members: 
Anita Vogel, Chairman
Poul Kristensen, Vice Chairman
Thomas Andersen, Treasurer
Poul Søndergaard, Secretary
Frank Jensen
Lars Nielsen
Kenneth Petersen
Michael Nilsson
Helene Stausland (new)
Peter Reumert (new)
Jakob Laustsen (new)
Honorary Representation/External Relations:
Anja Villefrance - Royal Danish Consulate
Jens-Erik Olsen - International Business Committee Representative
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We would like to give a warm welcome to new members of the Board of Directors. As many of you know, Thomas Halfdan Andersen has served as DCC's Chairman for the last five years. During his tenure as Chairman, Thomas has been integral to DCC's development and growth. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Thomas for his contribution to the Danish business community and are pleased that Thomas will stay on the board. 
Make a difference 
Additionally, you may remember that earlier this year, we asked the DCC community for help, as some Danish students were looking for summer internships in Hong Kong in connection with their semester. As a result of our community joining forces, we are happy to announce that several Danish CBS students have managed to lock summer internships with help from several board members and Danish companies in Hong Kong. Hong Kong immigration has indicated that the training visas will be approved by mid-May which is fantastic news. 
In relation to the quest of getting the visas approved, our DCC External Relation representative reached out to their immigration connections and DCC corporate members quickly set up interviews with the Danish students. It's great to see that a small community can come together and make an impact so quickly. The students have expressed their sincere gratitude, and our aim is to set up an internship structure for DCC to be able to assist Danish Students from the Globe Program in future to gain work experience in Hong Kong.
As the saying goes, all good things come to an end, and after two years, the DCC's Office Manager, Anja, has decided to leave DCC but is delighted to share that she will be passing the baton to Bushra Siddiqi. We are so pleased to welcome Bushra to the team; we will keep the excitement going and let Bushra properly introduce herself when she has settled into the role.
Welcome to DCC new members:
Thomas Soderberg
Per G Larsen
Henrik Stausland
Peter Minor
Christian Lynæs
Winnie Rasmussen

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Greetings from DCC's new Chairman: Anita Vogel
Greetings from DCC's new Chairman: Anita Vogel
Celebrating 25 years
It is with great pride and honor that I take over the torch from Thomas Andersen, who has been leading the Danish Chamber of Commerce and our members the past 5 years. And what a historical year to carry forward the traditions of the chamber and represent our members: This year the Danish Chamber of Commerce celebrates 25 years anniversary and the board of directors are determined to document and share the eventful journey of the chamber: right from it's incubation in 1996 till now - and pay a tribute to everyone who has been a part of the Danish business community throughout the years - especially to those of our members that continue to support the Danish Chamber and our community in these times of trial and hardship.
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor"(Franklin D. Roosevelt)
While the world is changing, it remains true for us and our members that the business agenda remains the same. We are here to add value. While the pandemic is raging, we found ways to connect and collaborate with people we never thought we would be able to meet: through numerous webinars we learned that the world of opportunities is even bigger than we imagined and now the largest challenge is to digest and make sense of these opportunities and figure out how we can share, so our members can benefit in the most meaningful way.
The first task at hand is to map out our extensive network and brief our members about the sector work done within these and hopefully connect and match relationships that will add value. The second task is to get to know all our members, your business strategy, so we can represent you the best way possible in our representative seats in Eurocham, International Business Committee, Intercham, Danish-Chinese Business Forum, Denmark-Asia Business Alliance and the Nordic Community in Hong Kong. Combining the tasks will create a good foundation for our future work in the chamber.
The above undeniably is a lot of work - and I am thankful to the board of directors who have already spent numerous of hours driving the above projects to deliver the best support to our current and future members.
I am a firm believer that we grow and develop in tough times and when we are pushed to the brink of our comfort zone.
Now is the time to grow and become better than we ever were.
Anita Vogel
Nordic Innovation House, Hong Kong
Nordic Innovation House, Hong Kong
Nordic Innovation House in Hongkong (NIH-HK) will not only connect you with the ecosystem in Hongkong but also in the Greater Bay Area. Their network will provide you with the right tools and resources from their tech hub in Hong Kong. With a successful international career spanning Europe, the US, and Asia, as well as a range of industries including venture capital, private banking, raw materials, and digital, Binh thrives the most when taking on significant responsibilities, managing cross-culture projects, and engaging with people.
Binh lectures about the cultural differences compared to the Nordics and talks about the Nordic Values. She also create awareness of: What to think of when going to Hongkong and NIH-HK´s projects and programs for example HK FinTech Week and China High-Tech Fair in Shenzhen.
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COVID-19 news from the Danish Government
COVID-19 news from the Danish Government
Stay updated on the COVID-19 situation in Denmark through this website.
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May 25, 2021
(3 PM - 4 PM) (GMT+8)
Webinar: IP Protection at Online Trade Fairs
Webinar: IP Protection at Online Trade Fairs


May 6, 2021
(3 PM - 4 PM) (GMT+8)


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