2023 April Newsletter

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Greetings from the Chairman
Greetings from the Chairman
April is HERE! Second quarter!

And it promises to be a busy month/quarter as the business appears to be picking up in many sectors, and the social calendar is again active in full force.

As a testimony of that, it is very hard to reach people, let alone summon people, as the majority is traveling - out in the world rekindling relationships with business partners not visited the past 3 years. It feels like a massive shift.

Another gigantic pivot is the momentum of technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence ). Several (AI) Robots' hyped launches have created a new approach to learning and communicating. I tried to have this newsletter written by an AI Robot - but with no success, so there is still a long way to go.
Being a kid of the 70s - it reminds me of when the internet replaced the huge collection of encyclopedias on the bookshelf of homes.
A moment unimaginable for many.
In time - technology will help to do complex tasks faster and better. We must see the opportunities and efficiencies and adapt, integrate, and optimize meaningfully.
If March should stand for anything, it would be a solid reminder for companies to stay at the forefront of technology.

I wish you all a fantastic month of April and hope to see you on April 27th at our monthly after-work cocktails sharing your adventures from the month past. Sign up link below.

God paaske / Happy Easter.


AGM - February 2023
AGM - February 2023
On March 16th, we held our Annual General Meeting in the beautiful setting of restaurant EMBLA.

Danish whiskey brand Stauning Whisky was paired with the exquisite menu designed for the evening.

A new standard is set for Annual General Meetings.

The following were re-elected to the Board of Directors. No changes from 2022.

After Work Cocktails - April 27
After Work Cocktails - April 27


Apr 27, 2023
(6:30 PM - 10:00 PM) (GMT+8)


DiVino Patio
Wanchai, Hong Kong SAR (China)
Community Events
April 4: Webinar: China-EU Relations - Beijing's View on Challenges and Opportunities
April 4: Webinar: China-EU Relations - Beijing's View on Challenges and Opportunities
In the third conversation of this series, Markus HERRMANN, Co-Founder and Managing Director, China Macro Group (CMG); (Advisory) Board Member stars and SCCC, Zurich, will be talking to FU Cong, Ambassador and Head of the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union, Brussels, Belgium.
In 2019, the EU laid out its revised policy stance vis-à-vis China, making clear that for the Union henceforth, China would be simultaneously a cooperation partner, an economic competitor and a systemic rival “promoting alternative models of governance”. Since then, and further aggravated by how China’s position in the Ukraine war and the Zero Covid policy have been perceived in Europe, relations between Beijing and European capitals have become more complicated indeed. In the economic realms, the exploration of a comprehensive agreement on investment (CAI) between China and the EU was stalled after the European Council adopted sanctions against Chinese individuals and entities in Xinjiang on grounds of human rights violations, to which Chinese government retaliated resolutely.
Against this backdrop, it is noteworthy that former Chinese Foreign Minister and new Director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission, Wang Yi, struck a notably conciliatory tone at the Munich Security Conference in February 2023. What guidance did the recently concluded “Two Sessions” provide for China’s foreign policy moving forward? What are the current dynamics in the EU-China relations? What does Beijing think about the EU’s aspirations for “strategic autonomy”? Is “green” tech the next frontier of competition?

Sign up HERE
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Two-Part Course: Personal Branding and Professional Imaging
Two-Part Course: Personal Branding and Professional Imaging
According to Forbes magazine​, our minds make a thousand computations about someone within the first seven seconds of meeting them. Are they trustworthy, confident, likable, or competent? Research suggests a decision has already been made within seven seconds before you have even greeted the person.

This two-part course offers you the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Personal Branding and Professional Imaging from award-winning strategic people consultant Elsie Yung (Elsyung Consulting). During the two classes (1,5 hours x 2), the following topics will be covered:
- The importance of Personal Branding and Professional Image
- Defining yourself
- How to create an impact through positive mindsets and behaviors
- Elevate an image to impress others

Member price (SwedCham & DCC Hong Kong): HKD 600 for two sessions
Non-member price: HKD 700 for two sessions
Only session 1 (April 12th): HKD 400

First Session: April 12, 16:00-17:30
Second: April 19, 16:00-17:30

Venue: Swedish Chamber of Commerce Office, Wan Chai

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General Consulate Visit - Passport renewal - Friday April 14th.
General Consulate Visit - Passport renewal - Friday April 14th.
If you need to renew your Danish passport the Danish General Consulate will visit Hong Kong on Friday, April 14th.

See more details and book your appointment HERE
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Danish Seamen's Church - New Website
Danish Seamen's Church - New Website
Check out the new website for the Danish Seamen's Church HERE

If you are not traveling during Easter, the Danish priest: Mrs. Rebecca Holm, and her assistant Freja will happily see you in the Danish Room in Kwai Chung for the scheduled services.


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